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In fact, when I heard that number about two years ago, that’s what really brought me to this issue.I was staggered by the amount of food that’s being wasted.When you think about what you purchase at home, you can imagine throwing 40 percent in the garbage, and you think about how hard farmers work, and everything that goes in. It’s all the resources that go into creating the food. LISA DESJARDINS: You know, last year, NPR and “News Hour” teamed up; we went to the Salinas Valley in California.And there, we got these extraordinary pictures of dump trucks full of lettuce and spinach, cartons full of broccoli, that the producers were taking to the landfill, not consumers.

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Hold on to your toques, kids, we’re in for a bumpy one.He has won five James Beard Foundation awards for culinary excellence. Dead or alive, who would you invite to compete on Top Chef? What’s your best advice for a chef coming into the top chef competition?And, for the past 14 seasons, Colicchio has served as mentor and judge on the popular Bravo series ‘Top Chef.’ What was your most memorable dish from last season? Salt, pepper, olive oil, parmesan cheese and white wine vinegar. This entry was posted on Thursday, November 10th, 2016. Risotto is one of those things that seems super easy but is really, really difficult to get right.A few seconds over and under and it’s completely ruined, either a mashed potato-like glue or tooth-cracking pick-up-sticks on a plate.